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“If you want a copywriter that executes exactly what you want without excuses, and delivers top notch copy that crushes, Josh is your man. Josh played a HUGE role in helping us launch countless brands under tight deadlines. He’s professional. He’s dependable. And he’s an executer. On top of all of that, he’s a good person that wants to do right by the client without ghosting or flaking. I’d recommend him to any business owner looking to go big.”

— Heath Wilcock, Copy Chief at ClickFunnels

Here Are Some Of The Clients I’ve Worked With:

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Tony Robbins Inner Cicle Mastermind 2023

Helped Tony Robbins Team Generate $1.32 Million Dollars From Inner Circle 2023 Sales Funnel Copy

3520 New Members with 41% annual take.

$297,000+ Monthly Recurring Revenue Added.

Gonzy: The #1 Client-Getting &
Management Software For Agency Owners

$600,000+ Increase In Annual Revenue For Gonzy Frontend Offer (BAM Marketing)

170+ New Members for a $297/mo. Subscription.

$50,000+ Monthly Recurring Revenue

The World’s First Funnel-Mapping
Software That Simulates Funnel
Profitability Without Spending A Dime.

Wrote Entire Funnel For Geru & Surpassed Projections By Over 300%! (Clickfunnels)

With an order bump that converted 26%, and a one-time-offer upsell that converted at 43%.

Kristen Lumiere
Founder Of Revive & The Lumiere Lab
6-Figure Stylist, Educator, Wife & Mommy

Helped Kristen Bring In More Than $330,000 In Sales - With Just A Couple Of Sales Page Tweaks!

“We more than doubled our sales from our first AND second launch combined in our third launch when I hired John!”

Jarvis Leverson
Founder of The Morning Hero
Speaker, Author & Productivity Coach

“"I Averaged 7 Appointments A Day In My Business Thanks To John's Copywriting!"

Within about 2 weeks, I was averaging about 7 appointments a day… it was crazy and overwhelming — I had too many appointments!”

Miles Beckler
Founder of
Speaker, Content Marketer, Affiliate Marketer

His Sales Letter Generated $10,000 & Several Hundred Members - The FIRST DAY Of Launch!

“The first DAY brought in several hundred members, brought over $10,000 within the first day of launching it, and it was about a $15K-$17K revenue stream!”

Brian Begin
Founder of The Fearless Man

64% Converting Opt-In Page!

“This was our highest converting landing page in our company’s history. We’re lucky to have John working with us!”

Jason Capital
Millionaire by 24, Best-Selling Author,
Recognized By The White House

"He Has Written Multiple Promotions For Me... One Of Them, The Cart Value Was Just INSANE!"

“John is a 6-figure copywriter who I’ve personally mentored, trained, and certified. This is a guy who can write some REALLY powerful copy!”

Eric Von Sydow AKA Hypnotica
Men’s Lifestyle Specialist & Confidence Coach
Author of Metawhore

More Than Tripled His ROI With An EPIC VSL

“I’ve got a lot of copywriters, and nobody has really been able to take into account the words and study and back it up. He’s not gonna sell himself out. And right now, my offer is converting at 4-5% on cold traffic. That’s phenomenal. He’s a fantastic writer and he cares about what he’s selling. So if there’s copy that you want, as long as you don’t distract from MY business, he’s f**king top notch!”

Without EXCEPTIONAL Copywriting, Your Business Could FLATLINE

Why? Because whether you’re coaching people on how to be financially independent by working from home, helping them get into shape physically, or even just getting their life in order, you’re not just offering advice; you’re offering a dream.

The dream of transforming their lives and achieving true freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment.

Truth is, dreams don’t sell themselves on features or plans alone.

Your message must connect with what your clients truly want: picturing their success in achieving their goals with your guidance.

It’s about getting them excited about the possibilities and steering them away from the regrets of inaction.

Look at the aspiring client seeking help. They want more than just advice; they want confidence and a reliable roadmap to achieve their desired outcomes.

This is where a skilled copywriter becomes essential for an online coach.

Exceptional copy goes beyond describing how your coaching program can help.

It tells a story that resonates with your audience, making their dreams of transformation seem attainable.

It builds trust by demonstrating an understanding of their goals and hesitations. This persuades potential clients to choose your solution.

In the crowded world of online coaching, your message must stand out. So compelling copywriting is critical.

It inspires prospects to become dedicated clients as impossible dreams become tangible targets. As a coach, you empower people to change their lives.

With a talented copywriter ensuring your message is engaging and clear, even more people find motivation to take action.

Remember, in online coaching, whether it’s for financial independence, health and fitness, or personal development, the right words are as crucial as the right strategy.

A skilled copywriter transforms your expertise into a narrative that not only informs but also inspires

It builds trust by showing an understanding of the entrepreneur’s aspirations and hesitations. This makes your program the top choice.

In the saturated market of online income advice, your message needs to cut through the noise.

Thus, high-impact copywriting is essential.

It turns leads into committed students and dreams into reality.

As a coach, your mission is to empower those who want positive change in their lives.

Collaborating with a skilled copywriter ensures your message not only reaches but also resonates deeply with your target audience, inspiring them to take massive action.

Remember, in the world of online coaching, the right words are as vital as the right strategy.

Your search for copy that actually converts ends right here, with me!

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John Stadum

Your go-to expert for crafting conversion-focused copy tailored for online coaches, regardless of your niche. My specialty?

Transforming curiosity into commitment, turning leads into devoted paying students.

With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and aspirations within the online  coaching niche, I’m here to turn your program’s benefits into compelling stories that strike a chord with your target audience.


As a copywriter and conversion strategist, I focus on creating personalized, impactful messages to:

Choosing me means gaining a partner who’s fully invested in your success and growth in the competitive world of online coaching. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of your offers and elevate your business to new heights.

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